Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walk Away the Pounds $2.99

If you want to start a new exercise routine, Leslie Sandstone has a great book at a great price to get you started.  Walk Away the Pounds: The Breakthrough 6-Week Program That Helps You Burn Fat, Tone Muscle, and Feel Good Without Dieting is currently $2.99.  Leslie Sandstone has been helping people get into shape and stay in shape for over two decades.  She starred in many workout videos, including Christian workout videos, and has written books that deal with how easy it is to start a fitness routine by simply walking.  With this price it is not only easy to get into shape, but cheap too.

Remember to check the price before you buy because prices can change at any time.  Since I don't work for Barnes and Noble, I cannot guarantee how long the price will stay so low on this book.  I provided a link to the book below for the book.

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