Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Melody Carlson $.99 Teen Book Sale

As mentioned in a different post, Melody Carlson is a prolific writer.  She writes for kids, tweens, teens, and women.  Today (and hopefully longer) Zondervan has marked down the prices on the NOOK books in two of Melody's teen series.

The first is a series for girls who love fashion and/or reality television shows.  It's called On the Runway.  In this series of six books two sisters, Paige and Erin Forrester get a chance to have their own reality show.  Readers will get a fun look at fashion and a look at what really happens behind the scenes of reality shows.  Carlson weaves messages of faith throughout these books.

The second series is The Carter House Girls.  This series also involves fashion.  But instead of a reality show, this one takes place in a boarding house for teenage girls.  The girls who get to live their do so because they have a lot of promise in the fashion industry.  But this series is more than fashion.  It's problems that all teen girls face:  boyfriends (or lack thereof), friendships, peer pressure, but it's also about God and faith.

I have not read any books from either series, but I have looked at reviews and it seems that Christian teen girls love it.  Some of the parents are not pleased with the fact that there are subjects such as alcohol in the book.  But as we all know, many teenage girls will have to face these decision before they leave high school and it's no longer just at parties.  So in my opinion, without reading the books, this probably will be a good thing for teenagers to read.  I have read Carlson before, and she has sound biblical doctrine in her books and I have not been disappointed by her writing.  However, moms may want to read the same book as their daughter so they can have a conversation about them.  Below I have listed the links to books in both series.

On the Runway

The Carter House Girls

Still Free Teen Read from Melody Carlson Deep Green

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