Monday, September 3, 2012

Christian NOOK Book Sale

I found a sale on many Christian books today.  I don't know how long they will stay on sale, but I listed the price Barnes and Noble had them at when I found them.  Even if you are reading this blog on a different day than when I posted (Monday), go ahead and click on the link.  Perhaps the sale price will still be good.  Remember to check the prices before you buy.  If there is a price listed that is different than the one on my blog, you will be charged the price from Barnes and Noble, not my blog.  

Veil of Pearls

Veil of Pearls $1.99

The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club
The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club $3.99

The Guardian
The Guardian $1.99

The Lady's Maid
The Lady's Maid $3.99

Lady Anne's Quest
Lady Anne's Quest $3.99

The Key on the Quilt
Key on the Quilt $3.99

Barnes & Noble

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